We are planning to start this Project in January 2015.

If interested to join, please don’t hesitate to fill in the Forms and/or call us for more information.

Tandem for Languages can be defined a method for learning or improving foreign languages. The conversation can be done in a long distance way, on line  Both parties are mother tongue in the language that the other wants to learn.

The conversation can be organised in different ways:

– one party speaks in the other language and the other does the same;

– the time spent together is shared on equal basis: 50% in one language and 50% in the other    language;

– one conversation is done (100%) in a language, the next conversation in the other language.

The goals and method of the Project are simple, with positive results:

– putting together differents needs, related to language preparation, we consider the cv and the Form for finding the “best couple” to join the Project.  This is why is worth to know: interests, hobbies, sports, etc. of applicants.

Is an informal agreement, means that each party can stop at any time, simply informing the other and us.  There isn’t a minimum period to run.