NPSC 2015

The National Public Speaking Competition 2015 was held in Genoa on the 8th of March 2015

supported by the University of Genoauniversità di Genova


The theme for the NPSC 2015 was“To Be Ignorant of the Past is to Remain a Child, and it was used for the International PSC Final in London as well.

The Finalists were Beatrice Costenaro (Liceo D’Oria, Genova), Sara Daas (IUSS, Pavia), Simone Pastori (University of Bologna),  Marta Poggi (Liceo Colombo, Genova), Michele Tovaglieri (Liceo Tosi, Busto Arsizio), and Giulia Zara (Liceo Colombo, Genova).

Here are the winners (from left to right):
Beatrice Costenaro, 3rd place, Simone Pastori, the Winner and Italian representative at the IPSC 2015, and Michele Tovaglieri, Runner-up and Public’s Choice Award.

If you want to see some photos of the NPSC, click the links below:
– Registration upon arrival;
– Candidates are divided into two groupsRoom 1and Room 2;
– Finalists revealed;
– Judges from: Heat in Room 1Heat in Room 2 and the Final.
– Breaks: Break with coffee, pizza, snacks and drinks.
– Eleonora Marocchini, previous winner and present Competition&Projects Officer, talking about her experience in London to the audience and candidates before the Finalists deliver their speech again.

If you’d like to get a glimpse of what the IPSC 2015 was about, here you can get some photos:

– The NPSC 2015 winner, Simone Pastori from the University of Bologna, in London;
– The NPSC 2015 winner, Simone Pastori, with the ESU Italy President and the ESU Director General;
– The NPSC 2015 winner, Simone Pastori, being awarded the Certificate of Attendance to the IPSC 2015 Heats;
– Some of the participants: herehereherehereherehere and here;
– Participants at Dartmouth House: herehere;
– Participants speaking: here;
– The Awards: The audience choice.)