NPSC 2018

The National Public Speaking Competition 2018 was held in Genoa on the 11th of March 2018

regione liguriauniversità di Genova


supported by Regione Liguria
and by the University of Genoa



The theme for the NPSC 2018 wasThe best way to predict the future is to invent it, and it was used for the International PSC Final in London as well.

Here are the finalists of this NPSC (from left to right):

Alberto Pinese (Winner), Sara Giordani, Riccardo Cava, Farwa Jabeen, Florian Sejko, and Letizia Valente (Runner-up).


Alberto Pinese (from Conegliano, TV), Italian representative to the IPSC 2018, presented the speech: “The courage of being the future”.
Here while being awarded the 1st place by our Secretary, Eleonora Marocchini, and President, Leo Aldo Narducci.