What is the National Public Speaking Competition 2019 and when/where is it taking place?

The ESU International Public Speaking Competition has now been running for 33 years, and it currently reaches over 40,000 young people in 50 countries across the globe. In order to participate to the IPSC that will be held in

London, Monday 13 May-Friday 17 May 2019 

you must win the

The National PSC 2019, that will be held in Genoa 
on the 17th of March 2019

regione liguriauniversità di Genova


Our NPSC is supported
by Regione Liguria
and by the University of Genoa



Participants will be asked to deliver a 5-minute speech (and then answer to a couple of questions from the public) based on the themes to be announced by our Headquarters in London:

  • The theme for the NPSC 2019 isNature is a common language, and it will be used for the International PSC Final in London as well.
  • The theme for the IPSC 2019 Heats is: “A lie has speed, but truth has endurance
Here you can find a useful guide for speakers, the IPSC_Handbook.
Please take a look at it as it can be really useful in order to get ready for the NPSC as well.
The panel/s of Judges will evaluate candidates following the criteria of the same Evaluation Form.
The place where the competition will be held is to be confirmed by February 2019. Unless any different place will be given, the Competition will take place at ITALO BRITANNICA – Piazza della Vittoria, 14/22 (5° floor) – 16121 Genova.
Further assistance and information will be provided at the entrance of the building.
Certificates of Attendance will be available at your early request. A buffet of cold drinks and snacks will also be available.

How to apply to the National Public Speaking Competition in Italy

Candidates for our NPSC simply have to:

  • Become a Member, if you are not part of the Association yet. You can find the Membership Form to be filled here.
  • Send us an email at within the week before the Competition, with the attachments required in the Membership Form page, saying you are willing to participate in the next NPSC.

What are you waiting for? Apply!

Short History of the National Public Speaking Competition in Italy

The ESU Italy was established in 2011, but it was actually running the NPSC (Public Speaking Competition) since 2010, thanks to some teachers’ and other organizations’ help. Some of the candidates of the previous years are currently collaborating as Public Speaking Trainers, so do not hesitate to ask and talk with them for your preparation by simply sending us an email or contacting our Facebook Page with a private message. For the first two years The ESU Italy was allowed, as a fresh member of the ESU Org., to send more than one candidate, please see years 2010 and 2011. Some memories from the 2015 NPSC, held in Genoa, at Italo Britannica.

In 2018 the winner was Mr. Alberto Pinese
In 2017 the winner was Mr. Francesco Ghio
In 2016 the winner was Ms. Giulia Rampinelli
In 2015 the winner was Mr. Simone Pastori
In 2014 the Winner was Mr. Stefano Ottolenghi
In 2013 the Winner was Ms. Eleonora Marocchini
In 2012 the Winner was Mr. Giacomo Reverdito
In 2011 the Winners were Mr. Michele Zannoni and Ms. Federica Astengo.
In 2010 the first Winners were  Mr. Michele Zannoni and Mr. Nicolò Bonfai.