Letter, as Introduction, of the President

   My experience, as Erasmus‘s Coordinator for a significant period, 15 years, gives me some certanities about if and how the period of study abroad has influenced personality and character of the students involved in the mobility.

    My understanding was, and still is, that, as long as they have spent not less than six months abroad – most of my scholarships were nine months, when back they were “different”, wondering “…why I’m back ?…”, “What am I doing here?…”, “…there are any other chances/opportunities for going abroad?…”; this was the leitmotif coming from people, most of those, that, less than one year before, were stressed, with so many doubts for leaving the family, the girl or boy friend, friends, … Genoa.

    Both boys and girls, latter more than previous ones, were more mature, self conscious, more determined and, most important, with the awareness that:

       – the world is not in the home city and that home city isn’t the world, but part of it and that you have to go where the job is available.

       –  is a need to improve language preparation, better if more than one foreign language and that, in term of which one, English was the most important; that the language is something not “alone” but with a strong correlations with the culture, thoughts and behaviour of people of other countries; so the knowledge of the language open the mind, makes easier the understanding between people from different  (far) country/ies, is a kind of tools that can “open” doors, minds, behaviours or, from another view point, is a vehicle that brings you into several directions, without problems, overcoming every obstacles or, at least, most of them.

    In the good and in the bad, Erasmus has changed and, anyway, cannot manage to send abroad all students (University). One good idea was to involve students from secondary schools (Comenius), but, again, numbers were/are cialis vente libre pharmacie france so limited comparing to the whole number.

    These matters, as dreams, are with me now, still deep inside me.

    I strongly believe that ESU, as a global Network of Associations, can do a lot for making my dream (sending abroad for studying and working, everywhere in the world, the largest possible number of people, not only students) becoming a reality.

    English Speaking Union Italy offers  opportunities to learn a better English, to practice it, to improve soft skills, to travel and stay abroad for learning and working.

   This is why we are working hard on this, creating a Network, as large as possible, at national and international level.

    I‘m pleased to believe that the future will confirm this.


              The President of ESU Italy


                         Dr. Leo Aldo Narducci