What does “Debating” mean?

Debating is a world-wide renowned kind of contest in which two or more teams compete against each other on a given subject.
The two teams try to win by following a list of rules and criteria concerning strategy, style and contents of their side’s idea: the teams are usually forced to take part in favor of (also known as “for”, “Affirmative”, or “Pro”) or opposed to (also known as “against”, “Negative”, “Con”) a statement or resolution.

There’s many organizations throughout the world promoting Debating (they are usually involved in promoting Public Speaking, too). The purpose is to train young people to think critically and get better in supporting a cause in public and against another party who may not be “in favor of” their ideas in the future.


Does the ESU debate?

Yes. The English-Speaking Union helds every year its Debate Academy. It is composed of two courses for 14-18 year olds, and it usually takes place in August at Uppingham School, Rutland. The cost per participant is £495, but full or partial bursaries are available for ESU Italy’s Members.

Debate Academy offers top quality coaching in debate to all ability levels, delivered by some of the best coaches and debaters in the world – just check its video and program here.


Does the ESU Italy plan debating sessions?

ESU Italy’s and Italo Britannica’s Staff is available for courses to be agreed at least one month in advance and to be held on weekends.

The minimum number of participants for starting the course is 14.

Courses are usually held @Italo Britannica – Genoa, but we are available to run the course wherever* in Italy.

Courses could be held in Italian or English, according to your needs.


* Travelling costs should be refunded.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.