In this Section you can find all the forms mentioned in other sections of the web site.


FORM 1: Become a member of ESU Italy

FORM 2National Public Speaking Competition Application

FORM 3Evaluation (for the NPSC Judges)

FORM 4Skills related to CV

FORM 5: Bilateral/Multilateral Agreement – English version

FORM 6: Convention for placement/stage – Italian version

FORM 7: Appointment’s Letter/Contract

FORM 8: Criteria for ESU Italy’ staff for travelling


How and when to use the FORM/S:

FORM 1 – Has to be filled in, signed and sent, together with the proof of the payment of the membership fee,  just for becoming a member.
The Membership Fee is a way of supporting our activities, just like Donations.

FORM 2 – This section sends you back to FORM 1, which is necessary for all of the activities, but it mentions an email to be sent: please, do.

FORM 3 – This form is to be downloaded by all the judges who will form the panel for the next National Public Speaking Competition and it will be filled for each candidate on the day of the Competition.

FORM 4 – Has to be filled in and sent ONLY if you are joining a Project or Programme, Placement’s activity.

FORM 5 – ESU Italy and the involved party, so called host, fill in and sign the Convention.

The other FORMS will be mentioned at a further stage of our collaboration.