Corporate Membership 

Firms, Companies, Institutions and Associations (Public and Private sector) can agree upon a Corporate Membership.


The Corporate Membership fee is decided every year, and it depends on the kind of corporate:

Small Enterprises, Schools, shops, with no more than 10 employees = euro 100,00

Medium Enterprises, Colleges, with no more than 40 (between 11 and 40) employees = euro 200,00

Large Enterprises, companies, with more than 40 employees = euro 300,00

If you want to make a donation to our Association, please do, regardless of the amount of money you can afford: we are a Non-Profit Organization and we do not get any other fund outside the Membership Fees and donations.

Any donation or fee has to be paid by bank remittance, to the Association’s bank account:

C/C presso Banca Prossima, Filiale di Milano (codice 5000)
Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10 – 20121 Milano.
IBAN: IT93 I033 5901 6001 0000 0078 705

Other data:
ABI: 3359
CAB: 1600

ESU Italy CODICE FISCALE (Fiscal Code):