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You are more than welcome to join The English-Speaking Union Italy.

After filling the Membership Form, you will be asked to pay the annual membership fee.

The annual fee, as an ordinary member is of euro 22,00; starting from 2015, the 10% will be donated to the Children Hospital “G. Gaslini” – Genova.

Payments must be done by bank remittance. ESU Italy’s bank information follows the form.
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“Send” button at the end of the form. If you are not sure your form is being processed, send us an email to confirm.

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Required attachments

Please be aware that:

  1. in order to become a member you are required to send us at
    • copy of a document (if you are not willing to join us in any event soon to be held, in which case you can give it to us there)
    • Proof of the payment of the annual fee (22€ if you want to join us as an individual member*)
  2. when and if you are participating in any of The ESU Italy events you may be asked to sign a privacy form to allow us to take photos during the event you are participating in.
  3. by submitting this form you are declaring your wish to become a member of The English-Speaking Union Italy.

* Firms, Companies, Institutions and Associations (Public and Private sector) can agree upon a Corporate Membership – please have a look here ( to check if you should consider yours as a Small, Medium or Large Enterprise before you pay the fee.


ESU Italy’s bank information:

Banca Prossima, Filiale di Milano (codice 5000)
Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10
20121 Milano.

IBAN: IT93 I033 5901 6001 0000 0078 705
ABI: 3359
CAB: 1600

ESU Italy’s  Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale):


As a member of ESU Italy you can join all of the activities, managed directly by ESU Italy, without any additional payment.

The activities organised by other ESUs international, including those at Dartmouth House, are available at a reduced price or at no charge.

All of the Corporate Members listed in the Patronages and Corporate Members page in this website, offer goods and/or services with a discount on the official price; the discount cannot be added to special offers and/or sales.

The membership includes an insurance to every person that is working for ESU Italy, during that period of time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.