An alumnus/a is a former pupil of any institute of education, or a former member of any organization. 

The ESU Italy wants to keep in contact and organize meetings of all the former members of the Association willing to catch up, including all the ex Erasmus’ Students from/to Genoa.

Former members are therefore invited to send to all of the memories, photos, videos and whatever they want to share, specifying the place, time and project they were participating to, and the people involved in the activities with them.



When, for any reason, you have decided to leave, as an active member, the ESU Italy, if you wish, you can continue to be updated about ESU’s initiatives, Programmes, Projects, Meetings, that will help you keeping nice memories of a part of your life and could be useful for your relatives, friends, community.

The Membership Fee is decided every year. The updated fee is €12,00.

Payment must be done by bank remittance, following the same exact steps as regular members. Please fill in the form (you can just state “I’m an Alumnus/a” in the “How did you get to know us?” section); ESU Italy’s bank information can be found right after the form on the same page.



It’s true that money is not the most important matter in life, but we need it for everything we are planning to do.

Since we have plenty of ideas and goals, money, unfortunately, is never enough – and we do not receive any, except from Memberships and Donations.
Feel free to donate the amount you wish.